rFactor-League.com documentation for rFactor setup, configuration and troubleshooting. Includes controller - steering wheel setup for Logitech G27 and other Logitech game controllers. Also applies controllers like Fanatec Porsche Turbo. Complete troubleshooting guide includes PC and Router Port configuration for rFactor. Router configuration will improve performance and eliminate rFactor game lag. Specifications for PC, graphics card and monitor. How to install car and track files in rFactor. rFactor File Structure.

Inside rFactor

The ultimate rFactor "How To"

  • Monitor, Graphics & PC
  • Operating System
  • Install rFactor
  • Install Vehicles
  • Install Tracks
  • Setup Controller
  • Download RealFeel
  • Troubleshoot rFactor
  • Troubleshoot Cars
  • Troubleshoot Tracks


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