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rFactor Vehicle File Structure
Filepath Extension Description
rFactor\rFm\ *.rfm Root Mod File, provides path to files and specifies Vehicle Name filter
rFactor\rFm\ *.bik Loading Video for Mod - not always provided, but if so required to load.
rFactor\rFm\ *.tga Logo for Mod - not always provided, but if so required to load.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *.hdv Core Vehicle File, points to .TBC, all .INI files, sets initial parameters.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *.mas Compressed common 3D images file - there may be more then one.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *.pm Suspension Geometry file
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *.tbc Tire Physics File
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *engine.ini Engine Physics File
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *gears.ini Gearbox Selections File
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *damage.ini Damage settings file - optional but rarely missing
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *.sfx Path to sound files and events that trigger sounds.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *upgrades.ini Upgrade options available in the showroom. Optional file.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName' *.gen Matches conditions to 3D files contained in the compressed MAS file.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName'\'Team' *.veh Root Vehicle File.  Assigns Vehicle Name.  Points to HDV, DDS and SFX files.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName'\'Team' *.dds 3D graphics files specific to one vehicle.
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\'ModName'\'Team' *.txt Driver and Team logistics
rFactor\GameData\Sounds\'ModName'\'Team' *.wav Most of the time the sounds will go into a new folder as a child to the Sounds folder. The path is identified in the SFX file.