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IMSA GT P0 class is most precisely described as a "Cruise Missle with a Cockpit". The physics for these cars took a while to develop as they approach the boundaries of what rFactor will allow in terms of speed, power, downforce and grip. Your graphics card will begin to sweat as it renders screens at 280 mph.

Three models make up the 14 cars in the class with exotic engines. The turbocharged F1 engine is coupled to a 7 speed sequntial gearbox while the gas turbines drive only one gear with incredible torque. Both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive cars are included. Tuning has never been so important as high speeds and powerful engines are unforgiving at speeds over 200 MPH.

IMSA GT P0 is a plug-in set for the IMSA GT mod; you will need the IMSA GT mod installed and set up prior to installing.

Release 1.5 Download Pack contains three models and includes a Readme with simple installation instructions.

Installing this mod will alter the rfm file and cause a mismatch with version 1.4 rFm.

Download Link for IMSA GT P0

P0 Class Lineup & Car Briefs
Car: RedBull X1 P0
Description: Adrian Newey designed this fantasy car as an F1 beating pavement sucking arrow complete with 1440 hp - more power then then any mere mortal would ever be allowed. Three cars with Twin Turbo F1 engines, three cars with Turbines.
Engine: Two Engines: V8 Twin Turbo F1 with 7 speed gearbox or AGT Gas Turbine AWD with single speed gearbox.
Release Level: 1.5; included in P0 Download pack
Car: Lotus Turbine P0
Description: Lotus is a reknowned for using just enough material to construct the lightest weight package. The good news is that makes it fast; the bad news is that makes it very easy to break. Keep it between the lines. Four cars are available including #007 driven by James Bond.
Engine: Power comes from a Honeywell AGT1500 gas turbine providing 1500 HP with AWD single speed gearbox.
Release Level: 1.5; included in P0 Download pack
Car: Peugeot 908X
Description: Peugeot introduced an exotic design to IMSA racing with their 908 advanced to the point where they could dominate with a truck engine. We've dumped the truck engine and installed a twin turbo F1 engine then updated to AWD. Wicked fast with four cars to choose from.
Engine: V8 Twin Turbo F1 with 7 speed gearbox
Release Level: 1.5; included in P0 Download pack
P0 Plug-In Cars - New Cars Released after V1.5 Download Pack
Release Level: