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IMSA GT is the "Eclectic Collection" of all the best Prototype & GT 3D models with superb physics developed by a 20+ year veteran of SCCA & IMSA racing. Rather than having 20 seperate mods with 5 models each, IMSA GT puts 100+ models together with cars competitively matched within their class. Physics for this mod were developed to provide the most realistic GT driving experience found in Simracing. Intermediate and full wet tires are included for each car. Some Prototype cars offer a range of engines to choose from. All cars within a class offer relatively equal performance despite each car having a distinctly unique set of physics, suspension geometry and engine.

IMSA GT uses the XUI interface and it is strongly recommended to mount this mod in a dedicated fresh installation of rFactor. Credits are given to the sources of the 3D models, although it is quite likely that some of these models may have been converted from some other source. Origination has always been the center of controversy so if that bothers you don't download this mod.

IMSA GT is modular allowing future growth via "Plug-In Modules".

IMSA GT will continue to grow. Click on the class below for details, news and snapshots:

  • =P0= Red Bull X1, and other "Formula Libra" prototype concept cars
  • =P1= GTP and P1 Prototypes dating back as far as 1990
  • =P2= GTP Light and P2 Prototypes dating back as far as 1990
  • =SR= SCCA C/D Sports Racers and Sports 2000 cars
  • =GT1= GTO and GT1 cars dating back as far as 1990
  • =GT2= GTU and GT2 cars dating back as far as 1990
  • =GT3= SCCA GT2, GT3 and Production Class cars dating back as far as 1975
  • =GT4= SCCA GT3, GT4 and Production Class cars dating back as far as 1975

We are always welcome to adding any new mods or skins that the community would like to submit. We will develop the physics for all cars added to the mod as they will need to remain consistent with the handling of the car and competitive against the cars within its class. See the forum for details on how to submit new cars and skins.

Download Files are on hold while we prepare this mod for rFactor2!

All 145 cars will be updated and revised through 2012 to be available one at a time from!

IMSA GT Release History

Version 1.0 - IMSA GT Beta Test

Version 1.1 - GT Class Bug Fixes

Version 1.2 - Sound Updates & general bug fixes

Version 1.3 - Patch for P1 lost bodywork issues - not all corrected

Version 1.4 - Private release to test new patches for P1 lost bodywork issues

Version 1.5 - New P0 class cars, New P1 cars, corrected P1 lost bodywork issues