Toyota Atlantic is one of the best open wheel training mods and was created by iDT.

Toyota Atlantics

Toyota Atlantic V2.0 Vehicle Mod

iDT created the Toyota Atlantic as a realistic model that serves as a steppingstone to IndyCars. Powered by the advanced Toyota AG4 1.6 liter 4 valve engine it replaced the original Cosworth Ford engine with increased power (250 HP) and increased reliability. We've chosen this mod as a trainer vehicle for new rFactor racers and feature it in our Drive To Win and Tune To Win tutorials.

Version 2.0 was the final release from iDT before creating the Mazda powered Atlantic. We chose the Toyota version because it simply makes a better trainer vehicle.

Tuning Tips

  • Learn to drive the car in its default settings before tuning; 10 successive laps without a spin or off track excursion.
  • Set tire pressures to 16 PSI as a starting point.
  • As this car is low on power, try to reduce the aero settings, and watch the lap times; 10 good laps.
  • Set Gear Ratios per Tune To Win tutorial.


Developed by iDT.

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