If you're looking for the most realistic Formula One sim racing vehicle mod ever created you must try FS One 2008. Simply put this mod defines simracing realism.

FS One 2008

FS One 2008 Vehicle Mod

This award winning mod is arguably the best vehicle mod ever released for rFactor. High resolution graphics are obvious from the moment the mod is opened; even better are the extremely realistic physics as this mod drives as close to the real F1 cars as you'll find. Options offer several different tires, including intermediates and full rains. This mod has actually been used by a few F1 teams for driver practice in 2009; its that good. Version 1.0 was found to have some very minor bugs and has been followed up with Version 1.0b (also known as 1.01).

FS One 2008 offers two packages:

  • Single Player that features individual physics for each team car. Some cars may be a little better at some tracks that favor the combination of physics they offer. This mode is very realistic for those who crave the ultimate season experience.
  • Multiplayer (Server Edition) levels the performance of all the cars by using a single set of physics so all cars have an equal chance at winning. Its up to the driver and the tuner.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) drivers each have various competitive and skill levels as the nature of the *.rcd files allow and will have differences in lap times. If you decide to run a Race Weekend you can add and remove different drivers depending on the level of competition you're looking for.

Tuning the cars is best done in tiny steps. First key tuning point: the way you come off the track in qualifying is the way you begin the race; If you qualified with 5 gallons, and 50% tire wear you will start the race with 5 gallons and 50% tire wear. The default state of tune is very well balanced, but every track will find performance improvements with tuning. Some of the notable tips on tuning:

  • Front tires tend to prefer very high levels of negative camber, usually -4° to -5°.
  • Spring rates favor softer settings with the front only slightly higher the the rear.
  • Ride height is senstive to top speeds; slower tracks like Monaco can run lower, faster tracks run 2" or more.
  • Caster is very effective to improve front grip on tight turns, not fast turns.
  • Tire pressures are good in default setting; change them to balance temps only.
  • Top speed is not as important as it is with other mods; 7th gear should be bumping redline with no "reserve".
  • Differential settings are pretty good for most tracks; changes are very sensitive!
  • Front-Rear Weight balance is more important on this mod then most others; play with it!
  • The wings on this car are more effective at lower speeds then most with a little less drag then most other mods.


rFactor Central acclaimed 2009 Mod Of The Year.

Developed by International Pro-Modders (IPM).

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